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I am passionate about relationship building in business. Relationships generate success and enjoyment in business life (and the rest of life!!). The quality and the quantity of your relationships affect not only whether you achieve your goals, but more importantly, what those goals are. The most successful relationship builders can co-create new opportunities with the people (and organizations) with whom they interact; they become more imaginative and more capable through their engagement with their partners.

My business trains and coaches professionals (e.g., management consultants, executive recruiters, and engineers) to become systematic relationship builders. As a result, they both generate more business and also become trusted advisors. Further, we work with companies to turn around very troubled customer relationships, and to win new strategic accounts. We also help companies use relationship-building insights to improve the performance of internal teams.

I have been pursuing my deep interest in relationship building as the focus of my professional work since 1999. Prior to that, I was a partner at McKinsey and Company, helping leading companies tackle strategic and organizational challenges.

I have a family where I get to live my values all the time -- which is wonderful!!


child development, reading non-fiction, staying healthy, my family, anything my son likes to do