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Myra Shields

Yes i see great sense in getting as much information as possible about the person you want to connect with or network with. This will lead to a better relationship building strategy.

Stephen Kane

An interesting post, David, and so right on. My friend Mark has a phone and face to face centric style. I prefer email and next, face to face. If I want something from Mark, I call him. Conversely, he emails me. We know this though neither has ever discussed it with the other.

I especially liked your example of UCLA math professor, Terence Tao, which led me to this quote on his Google Profile: " Le plus court chemin entre deux vérités dans le domaine réel passe par le domaine complexe. " (The shortest path between two truths in the real domain passes through the complex domain) - Jacques Hadamard."

I now know to use the Chloe O'Brien API when talking to Professor Tao. :-)

In the end, though, I think I'd like to control how transparent my communication API is.

David Friedman

Steve - Thanks for the comment. And especially the French, our first non-English entry I believe. Your comment about Mark and you is interesting. You are both smart enough to know to communicate how the other person prefers; many people either fail to notice what the other prefers or else choose not to give up what they themselves prefer.

I wonder if when you first met Mark you emailed him (because that's what you liked) and he called you (because that's what he liked) -- since you didn't know the other's preference. Then you each figured out that the other one was doing what he preferred, so each being wise you each shifted. It might have been easier to just let each other know.

I'm interested in your point about controlling the transparency of your communication API -- what's your thinking about the advantages of not being fully transparent?

Luther Snow

This is an interesting asset list, David, and I like your idea about each person carrying and sharing their own. What I've learned about asset lists is that they are informative but NOT deterministic. Every item on the list can be seen as a positive or a negative to a collaboration, depending on how you choose to view it. Think of a love story with the two apparently mismatched lovers. Or say you are volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity build, swinging a hammer next to a person you wouldn't have imagined.

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