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Verna Allee

Again excellent questions and a good suggestion. The only "real" value is perceived value. Even money only has value if people perceive it has value. Your suggestion to look at all of the available currencies is the right approach and it is not as difficult as it might first appear. You might want to check out the way we approach Perceived Value here:Perceived Value and Brand Management in the blog series on indicators and metrics for performance. http://valuenetworks.com/public/item/237131. Interestingly enough it is not that unusual for people to place a higher value on intangibles received than tangibles.

David Friedman

Verna -
You have developed lots of useful metrics in your analytic tool. Can you typically provide useful insights with the semi-quantitative levels (i.e., very negative, negative, neutral, low, medium, high)that participants use to value each interaction? Would it be valuable (or possible) to add a quantitative measure? My guess is that adding quantitative measures would make the process more appealing to hard-nosed business execs.
Here's the link that's in Verna's comment above - it didn't work for me so here it is for others http://valuenetworks.com/public/item/237131

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